Don’t Waste Your Talents

Bible Reading: Matthew 25:14-30

Proverbs 21:5 says, “The plans of the diligent lead surely to abundance, but everyone who is hasty comes only to poverty.”  We read this, and there is an immediate agreement.  We all know that when we work diligently, we see the fruits of our labor.  We also know and agree that the lazy person will not see and fruit because they did not labor for it.  Even though we know both of these statements to be true, there is still a thought I cannot get out of my head.  Everyone I talk to seems to be so tired.  Tired from work, or from projects at home, or a constant running and going from activity to activity; we stay on the go, and no matter how tired we get, we keep on going.  We are so tired that we need a vacation to recover from our vacations!  Our busy lifestyles rarely slow down, but instead of trying to let go of any work or activities, we instead abandon more and more of our relationship with God.  I want us to think about Jesus’ parable of the talents from the perspective of diligence in our walk with Him.

A man calls three servants and gives them each a number of talents and tells them to take care of them.  The one whom ten talents are given puts the money to work and doubles his talents to twenty.  Likewise, the one whom five talents were given doubles his amount to ten.  But the servant who received one talent was not diligent to do anything with the talent, and instead he buried it.  When the master returns, he is pleased with the two workers who were diligent to use and grow the talents, but he was very angry with the lazy servant.  He takes the talent away and gives it to the one with twenty.  To finish off the story, the lazy servant is cast into the outer darkness.

Because the third servant was not faithful with the talent he had been entrusted with, he suffered greatly.  God has blessed all of us with certain gifts and responsibilities.  As parents, we have been entrusted with raising our children up in the ways of God.  We are charged with teaching our children God’s Word, how to pray, and how to live a life that is good and glorifying to our Heavenly Father.  We also have been lift in charge of their well-being, meaning we make sure they have food, clothes, shelter, but also have love, care, and compassion.  Are these things you are diligently doing with your children?  Or has the business of life caused you to bury this talent away from sight?

We will all be held accountable for how we cared for our children.  It is important to care for their bodies, minds, and hearts, but if we aren’t leading them to Jesus then we are failing them.  There is only One who can save them from sin and provide them with purpose and hope.  Don’t waste your “talents” by not being diligent in faith. Model for your family the life of a child of God, so that when your children are older, they will have a godly example to imitate.  Be the godly parent they will want to be for their children one day.

Call to Action: It seems as if all of us struggle with tiredness, but don’t let this stop you from being diligent to model faith in Christ to your family.  We must show them that, even when times are hard and there is so much to do, we always have time to spend in God’s Word and in prayer.  Spend time reading the Bible with your family, and talk to them about the things of God.  Do not miss a chance to attend church, and tell your children about the importance of worship.  Take time to pray with your children, and give them opportunities to pray too.  Be diligent in your faith to Christ, and set an example for your family to follow.  Don’t waste your talents, but use them to deepen the faith of your children.