Faith – Believing in God’s Promises

Acts 16:31 – Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved.


Recently, we were having dinner with some friends and the conversation turned to a difficult circumstance in our life.  The couple leaned in and asked “What stones have you seen turned over during this time?” We must have had a puzzled expression on our faces because they continued “You know, what stepping stones or evidences of God’s providence have you seen throughout this?”

When they put it like that, well, yes! There had indeed been certain acts of providence! And the analogy of stepping stones was such a great one as it helped us visualize and reflect on those moments in which our faith had been externalized...stones had been overturned!Daycare and Preschool in Homewood and Birmingham Alabama

The thing is – God always does what He promises! How many times though have we boxed in our Awesome Creator by anxiously seeking those stepping stones that serve our purpose rather than His? Think about your own story.  Have there ever been circumstances in which He kept His promise but the outcome wasn’t necessarily what you wanted at that moment?

10 years ago, we lost a baby late term.  It was, to this day, the hardest thing we have ever gone through as a family.  But through the grieving and tears, we had to believe that God would do what He promised...even though at the time we couldn’t see it.  We had to trust, to have faith, to throw up our hands in uncertainty and say “Your will, not ours, be done.” Those aren’t always easy words to say, are they?

I’ll never forget going to the OB’s office a week after we lost baby Zion, my husband was driving and all of the kids were with us.  I happened to look out the window and there was a huge rainbow in the sky – a stepping stone for us. I remember pointing out the rainbow for the children to see and my husband said “God is good” and the children all responded “All of the time!” What a wonderful reminder that God keeps His promises to us in both the good times and the bad.


One of the easiest ways to teach children about God’s promises is through the rainbow. Tell your children the story of Noah and how God uses that beautiful rainbow as a reminder of His promise to us! And every time you see a rainbow, make a point to say “God always keeps His promises!”

The Bible is full of examples on how God keeps His promises! And our own stories are testimonies to the fact that God has done (and continues to do) great things for us! In what way has your faith been externalized?  What has served as the reminders that He is working mightily in your life? Search for those stepping stones!


Tracy LaBreche