Proven Curriculum

kid-painting-at-deskCovenant Classical School uses the Abeka program, a proven  and trusted Christian curriculum for early childhood learning. It provides a strong foundation for producing stellar students in phonetic reading and math skills.

We teach the children as early as one year of age the phonetic sound of the letters, letter recognition, shapes, colors, and numbers. We strive to cultivate an advanced level of learning by incorporating small reading groups and individual training.

Structured Play

kids-playing-togetherOur structure extends beyond learning into play both in the classroom and out. With classroom structured play, we play with the purpose of reinforcing academic learning. This could include activities such as puzzles or board games that are overseen and participated in by the teacher. Our outdoor structured play is an organized recess as opposed a free play. An organized recess includes all children engaged in a time of playing fun games like red rover, kickball, freeze tag, or maybe even an exercise time.

Biblical Teaching

teacher-teachingCovenant Classical School was founded by Christians, is directed by Christian leaders, and is taught by an all-Christian staff of prayerfully hired teachers. Although we are nondenominational, we hold to a conservative set of beliefs about God and the Bible, His Word. At CCS, we believe that faith is for all of life. This means that we endeavor to honor God in all of our activities from our studies to the way we handle discipline in our classrooms.

We have daily Bible lessons. Because we are faith based it allows us to openly share the Christian faith with our students and parents. Parents love that their children are learning bible based character training throughout the day.