The Wisdom in Obedience

Bible Reading: Matthew 7:24-27

I have a love and hate relationship with the beach – I love it and it hates me.  I always try to build a sand castle at the beach, and the beach always destroys it!  All of my planning, effort, blood, sweat and tears are poured into my castle, the ocean waves and shifting sand always leave me heart broken.  I guess I should not be surprised by this, as sand is not the sturdiest foundation to build on.  We all know that sand is unreliable, and that is why Jesus uses the illustration he does at the end of His sermon.

In Matthew 5-7, we read Jesus’ famous Sermon on the Mount. It is both encouraging and challenging; beautiful and convicting.  Jesus uses this sermon to teach that loving and honoring God with your life involves your whole self.  To live a godly and righteous life is more than just good works, but is a heart that fully loves God and is devoted to Him.  After He finishes teaching, Jesus gives one final illustration to challenge us.  Once Jesus has spoken, we are left with two options: to obey Him, or to ignore Him. 

There is wisdom gained in obedience.  When we are humble enough to receive instructions, then God blesses us to grow as a person.  The person who is wise and humble enough to obey, Jesus says, is like the one who builds a home on rock.  Rock is firm and steady; the rock foundation will not shift out from under you.  When you build on a rock, you can be certain that it will be reliable and strong to uphold your home.  You can have faith in the steadiness and certainty of the rock.  But if you are too proud and foolish to accept wise instruction, then you are choosing to build your new home on a foundation of sand.  Sand is not reliable, but shifty.  Sand offers no stability for your feet, and is certainly not a good foundation for your home.  So, we must decide on what we will build: on the rock or on the sand?  Will we stand on the person and teachings of Jesus Christ, or on the teachings of the world? 

Call to Action: What do you do with the teachings of Jesus?  Have you read and learned His Word?  The teachings of Christ speak right to our hearts, and then we must choose what to do with them.  As the Son of God, Jesus is all-knowing and wise.  His teachings are so valuable to life and joy.  Jesus is the only one who can make us feel full.  We would be wise to read His Word, and applying it to our life.

One way we can do this is by making time every day for Bible study.  The best way to learn the teachings of Jesus is to read them.  Find a time where you can be free to read and think on God’s Word.  This may mean waking up 30 minutes early, or staying up 30 minutes late.  God’s Word is worth the sacrifice!  If we want to live a godly life, we must take time to learn how.  Make time for the Word of God in your life.  Read it, study it, learn it, apply it, and then you will be building your faith and life on the solid rock of the Gospel.